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[ Subfuzz is a record of work I made while at ITP from 2003 to 2005. To read about what I'm doing currently, please visit]

recent projects:

foundcity         [map making as social activity]

grafedia         [hyperlinks for the urban landscape]

neighbornode         [wireless neighborhood network]

the us-ophone         [music made by human touch]

pixiebox         [blending faces with your neighbor]

older projects:

less_or_more         [simple java/video excercise]

vacation, remembered         [interplay between computer and super-8 projector]

hive         [collecting the pollen of the Internet]

getaway         [first thing i ever did in java]

workshops & consulting:


July 8 - 15, Hosted a Group Mapping Week in collaboration with the Cooper-Hewitt Summer Design Institute. If you can't make it to the Design Institute, watch as it evolves by the minute on Foundcity.

June 20, presented Foundcity at Where 2.0 in San Francisco with my partner on the project, Christina Ray.

May 10 - 11, presented my thesis project, Foundcity, at the ITP Spring Show.

April 2 - 7, attended CHI 2005 in Portland, OR, where I presented an interactive poster with Scott Counts of the Social Computing Group at Microsoft Research, and also attended the Engaging The City: Public Interfaces As Civic Intermediary workshop.


October 2nd and 3rd, hosted a workshop at Spectropolis in New York City, along with Dana Spiegel on Building a Community Wireless Hotspot. You can read about the workshop here.

September 14th, presented Neighbornode to the FCC Wireless Broadband Access Taskforce.

September 7th, presented a paper at Ubicomp in the Urban Frontier, a workshop at Ubicomp 2004 in Nottingham, UK, hosted by Eric Paulos and Ken Anderson of Intel Research, and Anthony Townsend of the Urban Research Center at NYU.

Summer of 2004, worked with the Social Computing Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington, researching ways to augment community and group interaction with the use of wireless mobile devices. Read more on raindrop, the group's blog.

in the news:

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